Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

My family had a fun day today. I got up at 8am and watched the parade on CBS & NBC- dozing off once in a while. We had dinner. Pestered sis's dog a little, played some guitar hero, watched Daniel Boone, moved my bookcase in from the garage where dad was painting it.

We were going to play the Friends trivia game this evening, but couldn't find it. So I ended up hanging out in the game room listening to some of my "new" records. Then I broke out mom and dad's old country 45s. Now I'm listening to my favorite record ever! It's one that belonged to my dad when he was little. It's Huckleberry Hound- The Great Kellogg's TV Show record. It came out in 1959. It has three stories on it and all the characters are played by only two guys.

I've always been a hands-on kid, and I dreamed of building a train like the one on the record sleeve. I had a couple of wheels and axles off an old wagon and I nailed then onto a piece of plywood to try to make a train car, but it didn't turn out very well...oh well, I spent lots of afternoons staying out of trouble thinking about my train!

Added later- tonight I put my books in my bookcase for the first time since the move!

When I was little I would pull all my books off the shelves and reorganize by title, author, type, etc. just for fun. Tonight I pulled out my books, three boxes, and realized that a lot of my paperbacks were gone...not the Christan romances still in the old house or the books in the two tubs in the storage building, or the 30 or so at I looked around my room and found a fourth box :) I decided that I have too many books...and I love that :) I ended up packing a box and a half worth back up to put in the attic area. And now my bookshelf looks great not triple stacked like it used to be. I guess I'm kind of a pack rat; only two books got put in the giveaway box. Anyway, I love old books and want to keep my books for my kids. It's fun when I'm reading a book and mom comes by and starts talking about reading the same book when she was a kid. It's also cool when I find a good book and suggest it to her like with Holes.

Wow, sounds like I only read kid's books...but I like autobiographies, historical fiction, some nonfiction, young adult books, children's books, Christan romances, and Cinderella variations like Ella Enchanted and Just Ella. Ok, I'm just yammering now...I'll shut up and go to bed :)

*Pics of the bookcase revamp coming soon*

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Courtney said...

I didn't think you pestered Katie unless you did it when I was out of the room.

I had a lot of fun too. It was great watching Mom & Dad play Guitar Hero. :)